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Yourtime is the most precious asset you have. Our ERP solutions and mobileapplications ensure that you can save time for the activities and projects thatare really important in and for your company.
Plenion for Electro and Domotics

All functions for the electrical and automation companies - installers and distributors - Are unified into our software solution Plenion. Integration is the key to success.
Plenion provides integration both your calculations, projects and the service after.
Projects and calculations

he collaboration with various wholesalers in your industry allows for an easy management of your price lists. From wholesalers with a good shop, the online Shop Connects integrated into our application. Up-to-date prices will continue estaminating your quotations. The elaboration of your projects and the entire administration that comes with it - orders to suppliers, invoicing, layout certificates (fiscal and financial), performance  registration  of your employees, ... - is fully managed in Plenion.

Service activities

All service calls can be perfectly recorded and  scheduled in a concise planner. Moreover, you never have to search data, each installation is perfectly noted.
Mobile solutions for remote workers
The mobile solution - PlenionMobile - provide a perfect extension of your office. All data - customer installations - are available from your remote workers. All made-service reports and certificates are processed fully automatically in your administration. 
The integrated warehouse module allows you to record all stock transactions to and from the sites to know if an exact status of your project stock and consume.

Mobile solution for remote workers

The mobile solutions - Plenion Mobile - provides you a perfect extension of your back-office. All data - customer installations - is available from your remote workers. All the service reports and certificates are automatically fully  processed in your administration.


Plenion provides integration with a major of Belgian accounting packages. Both offline and online accounting programs can be linked with your ERP. This gives your company a total solution which can remain in efficient collaboration with your external accountant.
For your company

  • Calculation models based on sets and reference models.
  • Full administration: selling, purchasing, invoicing
  • Create all certificates: eg tax, VAT, green loan.
  • And recalculations for your projects.
  • Inventory using scanning.
  • Online integration with your business partners.
  • Integrated financial management or link to your existing accounts
  • Everything on your own server or in the Cloud.
For your customers

  • Perfect calculations of their projects
  • immediate decision to green their certificates loan ...