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Yourtime is the most precious asset you have. Our ERP solutions and mobileapplications ensure that you can save time for the activities and projects thatare really important in and for your company.
Plenion for HVAC specialist
Projects & calculations

The collaboration with various wholesalers in your industry allows for an easy management of price lists. From suppliers with a good shop  this can be integrated  online via our shop Connect in Plenion. Up-to-date prices will make the perfect qoute for your pojects . Within the elaboration of your projects as well as the entire administration - orders to suppliers, invoicing, layout certificates (financial), recording the performance of your employees, ... - is fully managed in Plenion.
Service activities

All service calls can be perfectly registered and scheduled in an orderly agenda. Moreover, you never have to search data ,each installation is perfectly coordinated.

Plenion providesalso the preparation of all certificates - burning certificate, inspection certificate, completion certificate - you as an authorized installer must provide during your work
Mobile solution for workers

The mobile solution "Plenion Mobile and Apps" provides a perfect extension for your service activities. All necessary data is available for your workers.

All formatted service reports and certificates are automatically fully processed in your administration.


Plenion provides an integration with the majority of Belgian accounting software. Off- and online accounting programs which can be linked with Plenion. This gives your company  a total solution that remains efficient collaboration with your external accountant.
Fonctionnalités pour votre entreprise
  • Offres / projets avec calcul et calcul final
  • Bons de travail et planning de vos employés.
  • Inventaire des appareils chez vos clients et planning de maintenance.
  • Travail mobile avec « Plenion Mobile et Apps ».
  • Comptabilité réfrigérant.
  • Certificats digitaux.
  • Intégration avec votre logiciel de comptabilité existant.
  • Toutes vos informations sur votre propre serveur ou dans le Cloud.
Functionalities for your customer

  • Creating the entire log.
  • Online logbook so that customers can consult their installations.