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 Integrated CRM, invoicing & project planning

Plenion is integrated with the powerful and inspiring CRM solution from Teamleader.

Do you want to be able to track your prospects and quotations quickly online? This can now be done perfectly with this link. More powerfully, the operational operations of your company and the commercial monitoring of your offers and / or projects can not be integrated.

This collaboration ensures:
  • Integration with your website and contact forms
  • Management of prospects and financial company information
  • Online (website / apps) follow-up of companies, contacts, quotes and promotions ...
  • Online offering of tenders from Plenion via the CloudSign platform
  • Statistics on the efforts of your Sales employees and their targets
  • ...
View the possibilities with Teamleader.
Do you want to register working hours per project up to the minute? It is not a utopia! With the innovative applications of GeoDynamics you can perfectly follow the activities of each employee. Your advantages: integration with ERP systems, real-time information and a personal menu per employee.
A simple tool for field reports, safety reports and punch lists that will save you hours of time and stress.
ArchiSnapper is a Belgian application that was specifically designed to alleviate the pain in the preparation of site reports, safety reports and workplace inspections. Via the phone / tablet, remarks can be processed immediately on site, along with photos, sketches, indications on plans, etc ... The site reports and observation lists are generated automatically. And can, if desired, be further processed via Plenion before sending them out. The majority of the 2000 users of ArchiSnapper are construction companies, installation companies, architects and engineering firms.
From the outset, the architecture of FITdocĀ® has been designed so that the software feels at home in existing environments. They can also integrate with Plenion, both from FITdocĀ® to Plenion and vice versa. And especially that this integration is possible without you having to make substantial investments. For example, it is easy to add attachments to certain documents such as images, e-mails, PDFs, etc.
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Accounting links
Plenion can also effortlessly connect with these accounting packages:

 - Exact
 - Octopus
 - WinBooks
 - Yuki

How this connection works?

no accounting, but import of the data invoicing based on progress reports in disks entering the payments
good view of all outstanding invoices
possibility of sending the necessary reminders with the accompanying due invoices