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Yourtime is the most precious asset you have. Our ERP solutions and mobileapplications ensure that you can save time for the activities and projects thatare really important in and for your company.
Plenion Construct: The digital solution for construction

Thanks to Plenion, you will soon be working quickly, easily and efficiently. Our ERP solutions and mobile applications ensure that you do not do unnecessary administrative work. Moreover, our processes make it extra easy for you.

You choose Plenion:

  • Tailor-made solutions for the construction sector

  • Clear and transparent quotations

  • One point of contact for all your worries

  • A local expert with knowledge and experience

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Thanks to Plenion you enjoy:

  • a strong back office

  • mobile solutions that you support on the site

  • convenient management of the progress statements

  • planning tool for tracking current construction projects

  • integrations with your wholesalers and your trusted software applications

  • couplings with measuring devices and smoke analyzers

  • handy layout of all certificates (cleaning certificate / combustion certificate / ...)

With Plenion you integrate both your calculations, projects such as the after service.
Projects & calculations

The collaboration with various wholesalers in your industry allows for easy management of price lists. From suppliers with a modern shop can be integrated even online via our shop Connect in Plenion. Up-to-date prices will continue for a d estimated market of your quotes. The elaboration of your projects as well as the entire administration that comes with it - orders to suppliers, invoicing, layout certificates (fiscal and financial), recording the performance of your employees, ... - is fully managed in Plenion
Service activities

All service calls can be perfectly registered and scheduled in an orderly agenda. Moreover, you never have to search data for each installation or job assignment perfectly mapped.

Plenion also provides for the preparation of all certificates - burning certificate, inspection certificate, completion certificate - you must provide during your work.
Mobile solution for remote workers

The mobile solutions - Plenion Mobile - provide a perfect extension of your office. All data - customer installations or construction projects - are available from your remote workers. All made-service reports and certificates are processed fully automatically in your administration.


Plenion provides integration with the major Belgian accounting packages. Both offline and online accounting programs can be linked. This gives you as a company have a total solution and can remain efficient collaboration with your external accountant.
The solution for the automation of your business!
For your company

  • Tenders / projects with front and calculations.
  • Refrigerant Accounting.
  • Inventory appliances to customers and maintenance planning.
  • Workslips and planning of your employees.
  • Follow-up construction projects and sites.
  • Inventory management.
  • Certificates (electronic format and storing your legal certificates: maintenance, leak and pressure test, placing print the entire log).
  • Integrated financial management or link to your existing accounts.
  • Everything on your own server or in the Cloud.
For your customers

  • Clear quotations and invoicing
  • Personal approach for their project (by using PlenionCRM)
  • Data are stored according to the GDPR legislation
  • Clear overview of the entire construction project
  • Creating the entire diary.
  • Online logbook so that customers can consult their installations.

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