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Yourtime is the most precious asset you have. Our ERP solutions and mobileapplications ensure that you can save time for the activities and projects thatare really important in and for your company.
Plenion Food

Plenion provides a complete solution for the producer and distributor of food products. Especially effective stock management with integrated traceability auctions are central here. All lots will be registered as received, whether or not their specific characteristics (maturity, as well as laboratory values around eg protein, nutritional value, etc.). When the picking of the sales can be unerringly indicate which lots are delivered, this makes a complete traceability of products chosen as possible.
CRM and quotation management

The lintigrated CRM module allows your Sales staff to follow all the steps in detail. Detailed statistics allow perfect tracking of the purchased  items by your customers. This information also allows to assist in a fast registration of the Sales orders.

Mobile solutions for remote workers

The mobile solutions - PlenionMobile - provides a perfect extension of your office. All data - prospects, customers, ... - available from your remote workers. All orders are processed fully automatically formatted in your administration.
For your company

  • Full administration: selling, purchasing, invoicing.
  • Traceability of products.
  • Inventory by scanning incoming and outgoing transactions on auctions.
  • Production: reservation and finishing recipes.
  • Integrated financial management  linked to your existing accounts.
  • Everything on your own server or n the Cloud.
For your customers

  • Accurate delivery of products.
  • Place orders whenever and wherever they want.