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Plenion Automotive

Plenion provides modules that are specialized in the automobile industry and assist the organizing of your activities. Distributors of automotive parts have to focus on having an advanced article and stock management. Garage Companies especially maintaining the vehicles as their main activity. This makes it possible to identify each vehicle with its specific characteristics, as well as the complete tracking history .

Item and stock management

Importing article lists of manufacturers allows a quick and efficient way to maintain your files and keep the prices up to date. Cross-referencing features allow you to link certain items together to reach a rapid comparison of parts. Serial Manager allows certain articles such as computers, navigation unit and such,perfectly to follow.

The integrated WMS (warehouse management system) allows  to optimize the operation of your warehouse. Orders can be seamlessly be picked using mobile scanners. Plenion also provides advanced management for used parts that can be administered each in a unique way.
Workshop management and planning

Vehicle maintenance can operate faultlessly in the integrated scheduler. Thus, one can see more and when time is available to schedule new activities. Customers can be kept fully informed by mail or SMS when their vehicle is expected, or when the vehicle can be delivered again. The recovery token is expanded with a bar code allowing each task and parts consumption, can be automatically assigned to that vehicle.

Fleet management and CarPass

Any customer can be expanded to include its own vehicle fleet. Any vehicle can be mapped out with its specific characteristics. This information is available throughout the entire organization. A history of the cars available to the lowest level. Any maintenance or repair can be notified after invoicing the CarPass system.

Plenion provides integration with 14 partners for accounting software. Either you choose a full offline financial package in which Sage as worthy partner can provide a high-performance accounting solution. You can also opt for the online accounting module in Plenion. Which allows you a provided a monthly fee including a complete financial tool which at any given time is available for use for consultation. Accounting anytime, anywhere.

For your company

  • Management of inventory parts and vehicles. .
  • Inventory of your clientsparc , panning and maintenance
  • Customer and maintenance planning. 
  • Workslips and planning of your employees. 
  • Inventory management. Integration with CarPass. 
  • Integrated financial management that is linked to your existing accounts.
  • Everything on your own server or in-house (rent via ISP).

For your customers

  • Up to date stock.
  • immediately available invoice.