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Yourtime is the most precious asset you have. Our ERP solutions and mobileapplications ensure that you can save time for the activities and projects thatare really important in and for your company.
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Plenion @ Web

If we want to increase ur Sales , it is necessary to serve the  customers as best as possible . Companies that use Plenion ERP are open 24/7,  to place and retrieve product information, orders can now rely on two useful tools; a full-intergrated shop as well as the handy app for your clients
Plenion Webshop

The flawless communication between Plenion-PrestaShop - Magento webshop ensures that the product information, stock status are constantly in sync wth your ERP . You can save duplication and reduce errors by automatically by configuring the flow of orders that you formate in the Plenion back office.

Customers App

The Plenion Customer App goes a step further.
Plenion authorities offers customers the possibility to place their orders im in your back office using the Customer
Your customers can easily download the app from the Appstore or Google Play Store.
After synchronization of the necessary files, your customer can place his orders directly into your back office.
Moreover, they can retrieve information directly.
For more info about our web services, please contact our Sales team

Functionality for your business

  • Retrieval of articles in well-known databases.
  • Serial number management, batch management, multi locations etc.
  • Linking and integration of external documents (emails, manuals etc.).
  • Compose promotional prices and packages.
  • The site takes into account all of the information set iin your article file.
  • Full commercial management of the website

Functionality for your customers

  • fast operation.
  • 24/7 open.
  • Multiple payment options
  • rapid order processing.
  • orders immediately put into your back office using Plenion Klantenapp.
  • No additional paperwork.