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Yourtime is the most precious asset you have. Our ERP solutions and mobileapplications ensure that you can save time for the activities and projects thatare really important in and for your company.

Installation company, distribution or construction related. Plenion!

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We think along with you in function of growth for your company. Our software package is regularly examined and adapted to the needs of your sector. We would therefore like to share our mission and vision with you. This is how we help you to digitize and automate the necessary business processes so that you can work more efficiently, faster and easier. If redundant or complex processes are dealt with, this will relieve the internal operation. This leaves a lot of time to concentrate on other things that are really important in and for your company. Productivity is rising and you can start building your business.

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  • Solutions tailored to your needs
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What are ERP solutions?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP contains all software that allows you to work easily and efficiently within and outside your organization.

Because all processes are supported by one system, you only need to enter all data once. Then you work efficiently, you plan better and easier and you have a better understanding of each process. Often the implementation of ERP systems leads to extra revenue.

From now on, your internal and external flow of company information is optimal!
Mobile apps

If you opt for mobile solutions, you can check, update and forward your data from the work area. A skill that you will never want to miss.

For a maximum return

Plenion develops everything itself and coordinates each process completely. In this way you obtain the most optimal integration of each component and you are able to work in the most smooth and efficient way. Good for a maximum return!

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ERP and project software in the Cloud

Do you prefer an application that you can use everywhere, anytime and above all always accessible? Do you want to make quotations wherever you go? Do you want to follow up from a distance? Stay informed of the schedule when you are out of the office? This is possible! Plenion 24/7 is the solution for you.

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Plenion & GDPR - AVG
Your privacy and transparency are two of our most important values. That is why we naturally welcome the new privacy legislation in Europe (GDPR / AVG).

Dear visitor. Because Plenion always strives for 100% transparency, we let you know that our privacy statement has been changed. This now states even more clearly what we do with our acquired Google data. In this way we offer you a transparent picture of how we handle your data. You can always contact your Plenion contact person for more information. 

Here you can read our privacy statement.

PLENION - VIBIZZ is a recognized training center by the fvb-ffc Constructiv, the fund for professional training in the construction industry.
Companies and skilled workers of this sector (PC 124) can obtain financial benefits when they participate in a professional training.
For more information contact fvb-ffc Constructiv: 
fvb.antwerpen@constructiv.be, 03 224 78 10.

We are a partner of the government agency Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (in Dutch: Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen).
Both Regional (Flanders) and Federal (Belgium) authorities offer support via direct subsidies and fiscal measures.
Visit the website www.kmo-portefeuille.be for more information regarding the agency and the possibilities for support.