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Yourtime is the most precious asset you have. Our ERP solutions and mobileapplications ensure that you can save time for the activities and projects thatare really important in and for your company.
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Electro Installations Kamiel Smet

ACA - National certification body for electrical installations 

Provides the necessary inspections to customers
Silicon - ICT all in one

Their mission is to make your business run by ICT to facilitate optimization.
From hardware to software, workflow automation to document management, ....
Silicon has years of experience and has become a fixed value within ICT.

Thermoco Antwerp - Lummen

Plenion perfectly supports the vision and objectives that we have in mind with the newly introduced ERP solution Plenion24 / 7 .

Omni Term Wallonie - Orq

 Wholesale for installers and renewable energy


Food company whose products are the result of an intrigued production , with strict quality control, full traceability and food safety .

The Best solution for the companies within our groep for a general centraisation all in one platform

Plenion perfectly supports our vision and objectives with the newly introduced ERP solution Plenion24 / 7 .

Mr. Ludwig Anthonissen

Thermoco, Read more

After a few years, we can conclude that Plenion has fulfiilled all our expectations

Mr. Nico Lemmens

Airco Lemmens , Read more

Plenion manages all our projects and supports us in terms of our service in it's fullest form .

Mr. Paul Gregoir

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